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FDMC Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

In an attempt to facilitate users on FatDog Minecraft this [FDMC FAQ] may be used as a guide and reference.

FDMC Server Address:    Port: 25565

FDMC Server World: Cauac

FDMC related FAQs

Q. What's the FatDog Minecraft server all about?
A. FDMC Cauac is a Survival-Multi-Player [SMP] 'vanilla' Minecraft™ game-world on normal difficulty, Rated 'R' [+18]. Please read the Cauac page for more details.

Q. What happened to the old FDMC WORLD server??? OMFG!?!?!
A. The FDMC Savanna game-world server, which ran flawlessly for over 6 (SIX!) years, has been replaced by the brand new Cauac game-world server. Savanna hasn't been deleted, just powered down, and it won't be available to access from now on.

Q. What can I do on FDMC Cauac?
A. You are free to do as you please. Go where you like. Do whatever you like. There aren't many limitations and certainly no expectations for players, but there are some Rules which users should assimilate before joining FDMC Cauac .

Q. Where is the Cauac world spawnpoint located?
A. The coordinates of the Cauac Temple spawnpoint are; x:0 y:95 z:0

Q. Why can't I break or place blocks at Cauac Temple spawnpoint?
A. Cauac temple spawnpoint has a protection radius of 80 blocks. No blocks can be placed or broken within that area. Creepers will also die if they venture into this area to ensure the spawn point remains protected. Move further away from the Cauac temple and you will be able to place and break blocks normally.

Q. What is Minecraft vanilla?
A. Minecraft vanilla is a server running the unmodified codebase from Mojäng. Without any addons (mods, resource packs, etc.) at all. What you can expect is a completely unaltered version of Minecraft.

Q. Why is FatDog Minecraft rated R +18?
A. FDMC is not for children, or those who may easily be offended, because of pervasive coarse language and the graphical nature/use of it on the FDMC Cauac game-world server.
NB: If you are under 18 years of age you MUST be supervised by an adult while using the FDMC game-world server(s)!

Q. Where have the old Savanna world's teams, stats, and profiles gone?
A. The FDMC Savanna player stats and user profiles are not compatable with the latest release(s) of Minecraft and will need some work to fix them. Too much work! There are new ideas and plans for user-player team management, player stats, and user profiles, which hopefully will be implemented at some point in the future.

Q. What are the rules for FatDog Minecraft?
A. Please read the FDMC Rules thoroughly and assimilate the contents of that page.

Q. There's no TP (wtf?^^zomg!) so how do I get around the map???
A. You (i.e. all players in general) get around the map like everyone else... by; walking, swimming, elytra, boat, minecart, horse, llama, or flying pig!

Q. What are the rules about griefing?
A. Griefing is allowed on FDMC. Please read the FDMC Rules page thoroughly.

Q. Are there any rules about looting and plundering?
A. Anything you've appropriated by method(s) of theft and/or deception is yours for the taking. Please read the FDMC Rules page.

Q. What are the rules about player killing?
A. Hope that you're the one doing the killing and not the one being killed. Please read the FDMC Rules page thoroughly.

Q. So there's no rules at all on FatDog Minecraft apart from no hacking?
A. Yes, there are FDMC rules. Please read the FDMC Rules thoroughly and assimilate the contents of that page.

Q. AFK-fishing is OK on FDMC. Right?
A. Not right. Doing AFK-nothing is OK. Doing AFK-something is not permitted. Especially for the purpose farming food, items, and resources. Please read the FDMC Rules page thoroughly.

Q. What can I do about another player who's griefed me and/or stolen my items and/or is abusive?
A. You can give them some payback. You can deal out some revenge or you can get over it. It's up to you. Sh!t happens.

Q. Can I expect help from an Admin if I'm dying, or hungry, or just in need of a friendly chat?
A. You can expect to get NO assistance from Admin(s) unless; you are stuck in-game and/or without the ability to function, or if you locate a game bug/glitch/ or problem that's hampering normal gameplay. Admin's are busy people. It's better not to bother them unless it's abolsutely necessary!

Q. Who's the Admin(s) on FatDog Minecraft?
A. Aalbeezt and Exaga are the FDMC Admins.

General FAQs

Q. Who is the owner of FatDog Minecraft?
A. Aalbeezt is the owner of FatDog.NL, FatDog.EU and FatDog Minecraft [FDMC].

Q. Where is FatDog Minecraft located geographically?
A. FatDog Minecraft [FDMC] is based in the Netherlands  

Really annoying repetative FAQs to the FDMC Admins

Q. Can I get OP/creative mode/Admin status?
A. No. Never. Asking is a waste of time. Repeatedly asking is ÜBER-ANNOYING!

Q. Do you need any Staff on FDMC? Can I apply to be Staff on FDMC?
A. No, and if we were needing any Staff there'd be a long line of candidates before you in the queue.

Q. I want to help the Admin do/build something. Can I?
A. No. Admin's don't need help from other players.

Q. Can you make it day? / Can you stop it raining? / Can you SLEEP PLZZZzzz???
A. No. If you are unable to play when it's night, or raining, wait until it's day or not raining!

Q. Can you give me food?
A. No. FDMC is a Survival Multi-Player [SMP] Minecraft vanilla environment which means YOU need to survive on your own or with help from other players.

Q. Will you teleport me to my friend/home/location?
A. No. If you cannot get there by yourself then you're never going to get there!

Q. Where are you?
A. . . .