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FDMC Highscores

FDMC Highscores are lists of Minecraft general statistics compiled from FDMC players. Click on any of the links below to view the top players in each highscore category.

Animals BredArmor Pieces CleanedCake Slices Eaten
Cauldrons FilledChests OpenedDamage Dealt
Damage TakenDispensers SearchedDistance by Boat
Distance by ElytraDistance by HorseDistance by Minecart
Distance by PigDistance ClimbedDistance Crouched
Distance DivedDistance FallenDistance Flown
Distance SprintedDistance SwumDistance Walked
Droppers SearchedEnder Chests OpenedFish Caught
Games QuitHoppers SearchedInteractions with Beacon
Interactions with Brewing StandInteractions with Crafting TableInteractions with Furnace
Items DroppedItems EnchantedJumps
Junk FishedMobs KilledNoteblocks Played
Noteblocks TunedNumber of DeathsPlants Potted
Players KilledRecords PlayedSlept in a Bed
Sneak TimeTalked to VillagersTime Played
Time Since DeathTraded with VillagersTrapped Chests Triggered
Treasure FishedWater Taken From Cauldron