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FDMC Savanna

Notice: FDMC Savanna server was powered down on 2018-07-25. It is no longer publicly accessible and will not be coming back! [Ooof rip!]

FDMC Savanna Overview

FDMC Savanna is a Minecraft vanilla, survival (SMP), rated R (+18), server with a totally open PvP attitude, where players have the freedom to play as they wish. There is NO teleporting, or creative mode. There is NO free items, or unnecessary help or assistance from the Admin's. Players will drop all items in their inventory when they die.

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FDMC Savanna is a world which is built, maintained, destroyed, and managed by the players themselves, in every aspect. Within the limits of the game, you, as a player, have total freedom to do as you wish and choose your own path, in any way. You can build where you like, mine where you like, go where you like, and do things your own way. PvP is enabled so if you should be doing something that another player doesn't like be sure you'll find out, and vice-versa. Savanna is a DEFAULT biomes map with vastly unexplored regions containing undiscovered resources, structures, and untold wealth. You are able to build obsidian portals and venture to The Nether, or explore the seas to locate Ocean Fortresses, or seek out Strongholds and travel to The End to do battle with the mighty Ender Dragon!

FDMC Savanna Rated 'R' [+18]

Be aware that FDMC Savanna is Rated R and players under 18 years of age should be supervised by an adult. Strong language and dialogue, and violent player killing, are commonplace so some discretion is advised if you're likely to find this kind of behaviour distressing. No items are provided when you first log in, your inventory will be empty. There will be no Admin presence to hold your hand, or show you the way, or give you free items. An Admin will never interfere with game world activity or any individual player(s). The only time you're likely to see an Admin in-game is when there's a game bug/glitch or for maintenance purposes.

FDMC Savanna Player Profiles and Stats

FDMC player's user profiles, along with their current statistics and achievements, are made available for public viewing. These can be accessed on the Profiles and Highscores sections of the FDMC website.

FDMC Savanna Teams

There are different 'teams' of players on Savanna. Player's names will be a certain colour depending on which team they are members of. All new players who log in to FDMC will join the Freeloaders (green) team by default. From here you can make new friends and request to join their team(s) or become your own team leader and invite new and existing friends to join you. Team management for players (i.e. team leaders) is a feature we hope to include at some point in the future on FatDog Minecraft.

FDMC Savanna Rules

On Savanna you make your own rules. Strictly within the limits of the game, of course. If your rules do not agree with someone elses then that's your problem to deal with. Diplomacy is one tool at your disposal, brute force is another. It's up to you whether you enforce your own law or abide by someone else's. Anything is possible on Savanna, you just have to make it happen.

NB: The only things which are not allowed are tools, mods, hacks, and/or cheats, which gives a player an unfair advantage over others. Such as free flying (i.e. without an Elytra), x-ray vision, free teleporting, (etc.) because these features are not already available in the game. With the exception to mapping software, including mini-maps, which are allowed because these are designed to assist a player with navigation and finding their way around the world map. There is a 20 minute auto-idle timer which will kick players from the game once that idle time has been reached. If you wish to take part in FDMC Minecraft you need to be at the keyboard while playing the game! Any tools, mods, hacks, or cheats, which are designed to keep a player logged in to the game while 'AFK' (away from keyboard) for longer than that period of time are not allowed. The ability to play the game, and interact with others, should be the same for ALL players at all times. Even though some interactions are going to be undesirable, or immoral, and/or totally unfair, all players should have an equal chance to succeed, or fail, in all situations. If it's carried out within the limits of the game provided, without any cheating, then it's all good. Players found cheating will be banned from the server.

Any structures a player might build, which are found to cause lag, or other problems, to the normal running and operation of the game server(s) will be removed at the admin's discretion. So, build wisely!

FDMC Savanna PvP

PvP is very active on Savanna. There are no restrictions and no punishment for killing other players. Safety can be found in numbers and by using your head.