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FDMC Rules

NB: Please read the information on this page and understand that taking part in FatDog Minecraft [FDMC] is subject to ALL of the following conditions.

FDMC Fair-Play Policy

• All actions and interactions by, and between, players should be carried out within the normal parameters of the game setup by FatDog Minecraft [FDMC]. Any methods, custom modifications or any other third-party software that provide those using them with an unfair advantage are not allowed. If you're in any doubt about the mod(s) or addon(s) you're using then don't use them!
• Excessive griefing and player killing is not gainst the rules but may be addressed by the FDMC Admin(s) if necessary.
• FDMC Admin(s) will NOT grant requests from players for food, items, teleporting, or otherwise. FDMC Admin(s) will NOT get involved in player disputes, feuds, or petty arguments. Don't waste their time asking!
• The ability to act and interact within the Minecraft game should be the same for YOU as it is for ALL other players at ALL times.
• FDMC trusts you to play legitimately and fairly. So please do!

FDMC Rules

• Users joining the FDMC Cauac game-world server MUST be +18 years of age, or supervised by someone who is. FDMC is not suitable for children, or those who may easily be offended, because of pervasive strong language, and the graphical nature/use of it, on the FDMC game-world server(s). Caution and discretion are advised when joining.

• On Cauac as a normal player you have the ability to do as you please. Strictly within the limits of the game, of course. If your exploits are not agreeable by someone else's standards then that's your problem to deal with. Diplomacy is one tool at your disposal, brute force is another. It's your choice which path to take at any and all times. Almost everything within the normal parameters of the game is allowed.

• Any means or methods, Minecraft tools, mods, hacks, or cheats, which gives you an unfair advantage over other users are strictly NOT allowed. Such as; free flying (i.e. without an Elytra), x-ray vision, teleporting, duplicating items, etc. Any manipulation or modification to your Minecraft game client that provides you or another player with "ÜBER-whatever" abilities or capabilities is completely unfair and forbidden on FDMC.

• There is a 20 minute auto-idle timer which will kick players from the game once that idle time has been reached. Players who are AFK are needlessly taking up resources on the FDMC server(s), which could be allocated elsewhere. You must NOT attempt to undermine the auto-idle timer by AFK-farming, etc. If you wish to take part on FDMC Cauac you at least should be at the keyboard while playing the game! Any methods, mods, hacks, cheats (or otherwise) which are designed to keep you logged in to the game while 'AFK' (away from keyboard) for longer than 20 minutes are not allowed.

• Third-party mapping software, including mini-maps, are allowed because these are designed to assist a player with navigating the world map. NB: Any mapping addons you may use should NOT alter the mechanics of the game in any way!

• Third-party texture packs and resource packs are allowed. These only alter the aesthetics of the game, not the mechanics.

• Any structures or mechanisms you may create (e.g. Slime/Chicken/Enderman farms and/or redstone devices, etc.) which are found to cause lag or other problems to the normal running and operation of the FDMC game server(s) may be modified or completely removed, entirely at the Admin's discretion. So, build wisely!
NB: High volume mob farms or XP grinders, and large complicated redstone mechanisms, are known to cause serious lag in Minecraft 1.13.x so PLEASE be sensible!

• Even though some interactions are going to be undesirable, or immoral, and/or totally unfair, you and all other players should have an equal chance to succeed, or fail, invariably. If it's carried out within the limits of the game provided, without any "game-mechanics modification(s)", then it's all good.

• Public chat on the FDMC game-world server(s) is unrestricted. However, chat topics which are profoundly offensive or inappropriate, or criminal, or illegal, in nature are not tollerated on FDMC and will be dealt with by the admin(s); and, depending on the seriousness, may be reported to the relevant law-enforcement authorities.

• If and when you are instructed by the FDMC Admin(s) please do as you are asked. Don't question or argue! Admin's have a job to do and spend a lot of their free time making sure you enjoy the best FatDog Minecraft experience possible. So, please be respectful, accommodating, and compliant towards them.

• Any users(s) disregarding the FDMC fair-play policy or rules may find their access to FatDog Minecraft [FDMC] game server(s) has been restricted, or withdrawn.